Where You Work Makes a Difference!

MarinSpace is dedicated to helping nonprofits improve the quality of their workspace and build collaborative infrastructure.  We are always on the lookout for affordable, shared workspaces to help you get out of your home office or coffee shop and into a productive, professional setting.

Have Laptop, Will Travel…

What we’ve found is that there’s a revolution taking place in office space rentals.  There are many alternatives for free or low cost shared and private workspaces in the Bay Area that allow you to work when and where it fits for you.  Some of these options are:

  • At Liquid Space (liquidspace.com) you can check out available spaces that suit you, book the time and location you want, and have all the amenities necessary for a fruitful day’s work.
  • The Renaissance Center Marin (rencentermarin.org) offers you a diversity of spaces in their collaborative community center through their low cost Open Workspace program.
  • Sonoma Community Center (sonomacommunitycenter.org) has a wide range of spaces, including conference rooms, classrooms, a kitchen and dining facilities, as well as an elegant theater/auditorium space with reasonable rents by the hour, day, or week.
  • The Share Exchange (shareexchange.coop) in Santa Rosa has co-working spaces with dedicated desks, executive offices, and conference room you pay for either through a membership or drop-in basis.
  • Work Petaluma (workpetaluma.com) offers a professional environment with flexible options for hourly conference room rentals, drop-in day use, or 24/7 access and permanent desks, all at an affordable price.