What does it take to organize and sustain collaborative efforts here in Marin?


On April 7, 2016 Marin Promise Partnership and MarinSpace hosted a special Capacity2Collaborate workshop with Teri O’Brien of StriveTogether on building collaborative capacity for collective impact. Teri presented her work on fostering collective impact through shared metrics and continuous improvement. Afterward there was discussion and Q&A from all participants on their challenges, opportunities and best practices.

A First for Marin
This workshop was the first of its kind in Marin to feature a nationally recognized thought leader in the area of collective impact

Do, Study, Act
From theory to application, the participants explored and shared concrete and practical examples of collective impact

Diversity of Impact
The group represented the diversity of collective impact already underway in Marin across issue areas ranging from Children/Youth to the Environment to the Elderly


  • Why Equity Matters – How civic infrastructure and collaborative capacity are key elements in fostering inclusion and equity, click here
  • The Spectrum of Community Engagement – How community engagement can inform your approach and group process design and understanding the differences between coordinated action, collective action, and collective impact, click here
  • Continuous Improvement – The Carnegie Foundation’s Six Core Principles and the program from the March 2016 Summit on Improvement in Education, click here
  • What does it take to organize and sustain collaborative efforts here in Marin? To see the workshop presentation, click here
  • Want to see the workshop notes? Click here and here
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Teri O’Brien serves as Senior Facilitator for StriveTogether where she works with many of the national Cradle to Career Network members on building collaborative action teams/networks within their own communities. O’Brien has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Public Administration, and is an experienced continuous improvement coach/facilitator with knowledge and expertise in Six-Sigma and several other continuous improvement process tools/techniques. She has an extensive background in training, data analysis, strategic planning, and facilitation.

Marin Promise Partnership is a diverse, multi-constituency partnership of local leaders who use collective impact to commit to working together to decrease the educational achievement gaps in Marin County in the next 10 years.

MARINSPACE is the only North Bay organization solely dedicated to providing shared space and collaboration services to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of community organizations. Capacity2Collaborate is a program of MARINSPACE.