Trends in the Nonprofit Sector – Jul 14, 2010

Discussion Topic for the July 14th Nonprofit Consultants Network Brown Bag Lunch Conversation

What trends are you seeing with your clients these days? Come join in a roundtable discussion with your colleagues to explore and discuss shifts and trends in the sector as a whole, and how these are being played out (or not) in our local area. Shelley Hamilton of MarinSpace will facilitate the conversation and has offered to share with the group the research she recently conducted as background material for her Board’s annual retreat. During the conversation we will be challenging, updating, and adding to her graphic summary of findings.

Information for this graphic was synthesized from a number of difference sources including the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the Foundation Center, and the Nonprofit Finance Fund (also see attached file with links to the original research articles). These documents have been included in a blog post on the group’s LinkedIn page. Please add any additional resource information you have to share with the group prior to the meeting by commenting on this blog post.

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