SHARED SPACE: Why is it more important than ever for nonprofits?

Let’s get real: Nonprofit displacement is a big part of today’s real estate crunch

Nonprofits in cities like San Francisco, New York, Denver and Vancouver are being pushed out because of rent increases of up to 50%. At the same time multi-tenant nonprofit centers are emerging to address displacement concerns. Northern California Grantmakers, the San Francisco Foundation and the city of San Francisco released a new research report that shines light on this issue. Over 80% of the nonprofit organizations surveyed were concerned about the negative impact of the real estate market on their long-term financial sustainability, and more than two thirds anticipated that they may have to relocate in the next five years.

Nearly two out of every three nonprofits say they will have to make a decision about moving within the next five years

Since inception, MARINSPACE has owned or operated over 65,000 square feet of shared office space in 5 different buildings including Skyview Terrace, The Marin Justice Center, and the Marin Nonprofit Resource Center. The space we’ve operated has served more than 35 different tenant organizations supporting over 300 staff and volunteers in Marin County. In our experience, we have found that sharing space improves the quality of resources available to nonprofits and increases their effectiveness. According to the Nonprofit Center Network’s State of the Shared Space Sector report surveying 393 nonprofit centers in the United State and Canada:

  • 82% are better able to achieve their goals and have more credibility
  • 75% have more stable costs
  • 75% have improved staff morale
  • 74% have better quality services
  • 61% have larger program scope and size
  • 52% have stronger revenues
  • 50% have improved recruitment and retention

The top benefits of nonprofit shared space are better quality resources and improved effectiveness

Before you contact a broker, contractor or other real estate professional, let us help you define your needs so you can make the most out of these services. Whether its leasing issues, space design, or building a new facility, MARINSPACE can help you create a mission-driven solution that also meets your financial bottom line.

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