Grant Opportunity (RFI)

For almost 30 years MARINSPACE has helped groups of organizations work together more effectively to scale their impact. MARINSPACE was born out of the collaborative effort of multiple organizations that came together to work side-by-side to create a nonprofit co-location center. Over the years we have expanded our collaboration related efforts beyond our Skyview Nonprofit Campus to include non-facility based consulting and project management services.

Our long-time CEO, Shelley Hamilton, recently decided to return to project-based consulting. Rather than hire a new CEO, the Board has decided to take this opportunity to continue our support of non-profit collaboration in a new way. To read the full announcement, click here.

Through an RFI process, we will solicit proposals from Marin-focused nonprofit organizations, or a combination of organizations, that can leverage our capital assets to preserve the MARINSPACE legacy. All interested organizations may download the Request for Information from the link below. Organizations selected through this initial screening process will be invited to submit a formal proposal. Our goal is to distribute our assets by December 31, 2017.

To be a part of the opportunity, follow these instructions:
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