Nonprofit Finance Fund 2011 Survey Results

The 2011 Nonprofit State of the Sector Survey results are now live. (Take me there now!)
In short, the survey found resourcefulness and resilience from nonprofits operating under the strain of year-after-year increases in demand for services. But there’s much more to the story, and we hope you’ll take some time to skim the highlights, review a national summary, or even delve into the details by downloading a spreadsheet of results.

The  Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is energized by the 1,935 who found the time to share stories of how your organization is coping with and adapting to a ‘new normal.’  It’s clear that our community continues to recognize the need for consistent, in-depth information about the financial health of the nonprofit sector. NFF’s mission demands that we take seriously our role as an advocate to the funding community on behalf of nonprofits, and the annual survey is part of this commitment. We were pleased to find generous support in that effort this year from Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

In the results, you’ll find practical information to facilitate conversations with your board and external stakeholders. We’ll be sharing thoughtful analyses and helpful resources to stimulate those conversations on our Social Currency blog in the coming weeks, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions for anything you find interesting as you review the results.