MarinSpace Featured on Google Maps for Nonprofits

Google Fusion Tables is a powerful Google mapping tool. One of the many applications of this tool is that you can import a spreadsheet and turn it into a map for easy publishing on the web. Fusion Tables is especially useful to people who have more than just a handful of locations to plot on a map, or who want a more interactive map that allows users to filter locations or other complex tasks.

A great example of a nonprofit that benefits from using Fusion Tables is MarinSpace, an organization dedicated to helping Marin County nonprofits improve the quality of their workspaces. MarinSpace regularly looks at nonprofits’ locations to understand where these organizations work in relation to each other. From mapping their locations, they can make co-locating suggestions and identify gaps in community services. They’ve even found that sometimes there are clusters of organizations that don’t realize they are a block away from each other and could be sharing knowledge and resources. Executive Director Shelley Hamilton had been using My Maps to map all this data. After learning about Fusion Tables at a Google Earth Outreach workshop in February, Shelley started using it to map nonprofits and is enthusiastic about how easy it is to use: “Once you have your info in Fusion Tables, a couple of clicks and boom, there it is!”