Marin Founders Documentary Series

The goal of the first Marin Founders Celebration is to publicly acknowledge and celebrate the work of Marin nonprofit founders.  All founders are invited and encouraged to attend. We are especially celebrating founders whose organizations have been in existence ten years and more.

Marin Founders Documentary

It took a deep caring to see a need, create a plan, implement it, and to persevere. Nonprofit founders are an inspiration to others who work to make a thriving community.

  • Documentary:  Based on interviews with Marin nonprofit founders a documentary is being produced by Spirit House Productions   It will be based on interviews with nonprofit founders and others in their circle.
  • TV series: The interviews will be aired, on CMCM’s channel 26.  The organization can use the video on their site.
  • Online Directory: Photographs of founders, their biographies, the nonprofit’s mission statement, a brief description of the nonprofit and the organization’s website will be at

What do founders and organizations need to do to prepare for the interview?    There is nothing to prepare.

  • You already have all the answers.  You will be asked why you started your organization and how you kept going. You will be interviewed, a relative or friend of the founder, a board member, the current leader, and someone who could talk about what the founder’s work has meant to them and/or to the county.  One to four people.

Interviews will be held at the CMCM studio at 819 A St, San Rafael, CA 94901. Or at your site.

What do you and your organization need to provide?
For the documentary and your TV segment – Please provide the following:

  • Photos and/or videos from your website or that you have. We will ask you to sign a release agreement.

For the Online Directory – To be included JUST SEND TO:

  • A photo of you and any other founders. 300X300 resolution.
  • A 200 word bio for the directory.
  • 200 word overview of your organization for the directory and mission statement.

For questions and to arrange your interview please call Jacqueline Janssen at 415-999-1111