BrownBag Lunch Conversation on Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise, Social Capital Markets, Impact Investing, Corporate Socially Responsibility (CSR), B-Corporations, LC3 Enterprises, etc. – What does it all mean? And how is the increasingly blurred landscape of Nonprofits running profit making enterprises (i.e. Goodwill Industries, MarinSpace, BlueSky Café, YLI, Image For Success etc.), Government backing loans for socially good, but financially risky, commercial ventures (i.e. Fannie & Freddy Home Loans, Solyndra Solar Power Solutions) and businesses and private entrepreneurs solving global health and poverty issues (i.e. LuminAID Light, Gameen Bank etc.) challenging the very foundation of our concept of a Civil Society? If the old social contract was to divide our sectors into Government (public entities for public benefit), Business (private entities for private benefit), and Nonprofit (private entities for public benefit) – then what new is emerging at the blurred intersection and how does it impact our consulting practices?

Come join your colleagues to learn more about what’s happening in Social Enterprise and to engage in an exciting, robust, and spirited conversation about the future of our Civil Society. The next Nonprofit Consultant’s Network Brown-Bag lunch will be held October 12th from 12-1:30pm. It will be facilitated by Shelley Hamilton, CEO of MarinSpace, a Social Enterprise nonprofit that manages commercial real estate for public benefit purposes and offers planning and development consulting services.

Want to do your homework? Check out the following links:

• B-Corp (Hybrid “Benefit” Corporation) Legislation (AB361) on Brown’s desk for signature (Sep 16th) also see –
SOCAP11 (Social Capital Markets 2011 Conference) – attracts 1,000s to Fort Mason Sep 7-9 2011
GIIRS Ratings & Analytics, the world’s first platform for rating and analyzing impact investing launched at the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting (Sep 21) – also see

Here is picture of my draft “Civil Society & Social Enterprise” Landcape Map that we’ll use as part of our conversation (click to enlarge).