Who We Are

Our Vision

A healthy, vibrant and sustainable Marin, now and for future generations, collectively created by a strong network of community organizations.

Our Mission

We believe positive social change happens best through collective effort. Our mission is to strengthen networks of community organizations by providing collaboration services and shared workspace.

Our Strategy

We make networks work so you can scale your impact while maintaining your unique focus.

Who We Serve

We serve organizations that are interested in collaboration to create positive social impact within our community. As a nonprofit service provider we have developed many strong relationships throughout the sector. We serve over 40 direct client organizations per year and interact with dozens more at events and conferences as well as through our online resource center. On a national level, our CEO provides key leadership services to the Nonprofit Centers Network, both as a founding Board Member and as a senior project consultant.

Our direct clients are primarily small to medium sized Marin-based nonprofit organizations. However, we also work with government agencies, foundations and real estate professionals.

What We Provide

  • Planning and development services to align vision and goals, enable resource sharing, and assess collective outcomes
  • Project management services to coordinate, communicate, and implement collective action
  • Research and education services to make it easier to exchange data, knowledge and connections
  • Real estate services to create stable, affordable shared workspace

How We Operate

Incorporated as a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit, MARINSPACE operates as a hybrid social enterprise by generating revenue from a combination of philanthropic and earned income sources. Our nonprofit level project fees and rents are both affordable and help sustain our operations. Grants, sponsorships, and individual donations assist us with facility improvements, fund specific projects, and support our information and resource referral programs. We also partner with other nonprofits to collaboratively submit planning grant proposals, provide fiscal sponsorship for projects, and/or develop facility-based equity sharing arrangements.

MARINSPACE is in good financial health. We consistently achieve 100% board participation in our fundraising efforts; operate our Nonprofit Center at full occupancy; annually meet all operating expenses; maintain a healthy reserve fund to cover our real estate-related risks; have successfully refinanced our building several times to lower our debt service cost; and have managed a variety of capital improvement projects that leverage both commercial and philanthropic funding.

Our Values

We value collaborative, innovative, professional, and sustainable practices. We endeavor to practice them while achieving our mission and delivering the highest quality service to our clients.